Should I actively be deleting old docker images to clear disk space?

I use docker to build a web app (a Rails app specifically).

Each build is tagged with the git SHA value and the :latest tag points to the latest SHA value (e.g. 4bfcf8d) in this case.

# docker images
REPOSITORY          TAG                 IMAGE ID            CREATED              SIZE
feeder_web          4bfcf8d             c2f766746901        About a minute ago   1.61GB
feeder_web          latest              c2f766746901        About a minute ago   1.61GB
feeder_web          c14c3e6             4cb983fbf407        13 minutes ago       1.61GB
feeder_web          cc1ecd9             3923b2c0c77f        18 minutes ago       1.61GB

Each version only differs by some minor copy in the app’s frontend, but other than that they are largely the same.

Each one is listed at 1.61GB. Does it really require an additional 1.61GB for each build if I just change a few lines in the web app? And if so, should I actively be clearing old builds?

Source: StackOverflow