how to set up development and production environment w/ docker and git?

community, thanks in advance for taking the time to answer my inquiry. I’m not a developer, so please be patient and if I can use this site more efficiently, please tell me so.

On to the project: I’m starting a startup, for the MVP I want to build a web-app which involves the LAMP stack and a few more things.

I intend to start development locally, and then upload everything to a live server. First problem: how can I do that without having to set up the environment again? What if I exchange my cloud provider, how can I migrate? Is docker a good solution for this?

Then, for continuing development, how can I develop and test things then push things to the production server? What happens when I find someone technical to continue the project development, how can this person simply pick up where I left? Is git the right solution for this? What are the first steps?

I’m an organized person. I believe that putting the time for doing things right at the beginning will save me time in the future. A dummies guide and a few links would be helpful. Thanks again.

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