Installation of Minds GitHub project gets stuck at Vendor.js forever in Google cloud CE

I have been trying to install the GitHub minds project in Google cloud CE. It has around 30 GB(30-40% utilized when stuck) storage and 13 GB ram. Before following the installation steps on GitHub, I have installed the lemp stack and docker by following standard procedures from online. But every time I follow the steps on GitHub and run docker-compose up front-build it runs well until it get to build vendor.js and there it gets stuck. I have tried reinstalling again a few times but to no effect. I have tried searching for the issue but I keep getting results for 92% chunk vendor.js. But there is no % displayed in my case so I am not sure if it’s the same. I have also previously tried contacting the guys at minds, but no reply.

P.S. I am pretty much new to this and don’t know if I missed some additional settings to be configured or something extra to be installed that is not mentioned in the minds GitHub page, it could be something obvious. Any suggestion on how to solve this kind of problems would be much appreciated.

Source: StackOverflow