Diagnosing high CPU usage on Docker for Mac

How do I diagnose the cause of Docker on MacOS, specifically com.docker.hyperkit using 100% of CPU?

docker CPU usage

Docker stats

Docker stats shows all the running containers have low CPU, memory, net IO and block IO.

docker stats output


iosnoop shows that com.docker.hyperkit performs about 50 writes per second totaling 500KB per second to the file Docker.qcow2. According to What is Docker.qcow2?, Docker.qcow2 is a sparse file that’s the persistent storage for all Docker containers.

In my case the file isn’t that sparse. The physical size matches the logical size.

docker.qcow actual size

dtrace (dtruss)

dtruss sudo dtruss -p $DOCKER_PID shows a large number of psynch_cvsignal and psynch_cvwait calls.

psynch_cvsignal(0x7F9946002408, 0x4EA701004EA70200, 0x4EA70100)          = 257 0
psynch_mutexdrop(0x7F9946002318, 0x5554700, 0x5554700)           = 0 0
psynch_mutexwait(0x7F9946002318, 0x5554702, 0x5554600)           = 89474819 0
psynch_cvsignal(0x10BF7B470, 0x4C8095004C809600, 0x4C809300)             = 257 0
psynch_cvwait(0x10BF7B470, 0x4C8095014C809600, 0x4C809300)               = 0 0
psynch_cvwait(0x10BF7B470, 0x4C8096014C809700, 0x4C809600)               = -1 Err#316
psynch_cvsignal(0x7F9946002408, 0x4EA702004EA70300, 0x4EA70200)          = 257 0
psynch_cvwait(0x7F9946002408, 0x4EA702014EA70300, 0x4EA70200)            = 0 0
psynch_cvsignal(0x10BF7B470, 0x4C8097004C809800, 0x4C809600)             = 257 0
psynch_cvwait(0x10BF7B470, 0x4C8097014C809800, 0x4C809600)               = 0 0
psynch_cvwait(0x10BF7B470, 0x4C8098014C809900, 0x4C809800)               = -1 Err#316

Related issues

Github – docker/for-mac: com.docker.hyperkit 100% cpu usage is back again #3499
. One comment suggests adding volume caching described here: https://www.docker.com/blog/user-guided-caching-in-docker-for-mac/. I tried this and got a small ~10% reduction in CPU usage.

Source: StackOverflow