trufflehog in gitlab ci

I am attempting to manually setup truffleHog in GitLab CI to scan my GitLab repo for secrets. I think I’ve misconfigured my job. My guess would be the file path I’m passing to trufflehog is wrong, as the job runs quick and ends with a “job succeeded” despite the fact I have a dummy text file with “—-BEGIN PGP PRIVATE KEY BLOCK—–” and “EAACEdEose0cBA23456gfde4567hgf” to test whether or not it’s working as expected.

My .gitlab-ci.yml looks like:

  - secrets

  stage: secrets
  image: python:3-alpine
    - apk add --no-cache git
    - pip install trufflehog
    - adduser -S truffleHog
    - trufflehog --entropy true "file://$PWD"

Any suggestions where I might be going wrong?

Source: StackOverflow