How to pack and ship a simple c application in docker without the gcc compiler?

I have a small c program application, I want to build a docker image for that and push it to docker hub and access on any platform.
I want to achieve this within 50MB of image size. i.e. should be able to pack c application and run it without GCC compiler.

Please, it will be a great help if one can suggest a way to build an image within the size of 50MB. i.e without GCC compiler which is a dependency for c program to compile.

Also, suggest which is a best suitable base image for the c application.

NOTE: To build docker image i am using windows as host OS for docker.
NOTE: it is a basic c program to add two number which i want to pack and ship.

I have already tried to create a docker image for c application which is of size 307MB. my goal is to build a docker image for c application in less than 50MB

MY dockerfile:

FROM busybox

COPY --from=rakeshchahar/rc-docker:my-image /usr/src/myapp usr/src/app/

WORKDIR /usr/src/app/

CMD ["./myapp"]  

I expect to build a image of size 50MB or less and want to access it on any platform.

Source: StackOverflow