invalid image name in cloud build when using organization project

I’m trying to build a container with GCP’s Cloud Build. I’m using the simple template from the quickstart doc. I’ve done this before successfully.

However, this time I am using a project which is under an “organization”. So the project ID is, rather than simply projectX.

I am unable to get the build to complete.

When I run:

gcloud builds submit --tag

I get the following error:

(gcloud.builds.submit) INVALID_ARGUMENT: invalid build: invalid image name "" 

I suspect that since the --tag flag calls docker build -t $TAG . under the hood and docker image names use : to specify versions, this format may be invalid.

Any ideas what I am supposed to do when working with organization projects? I cannot find relevant info in the Cloud Build or GCP IAM docs.

Some things I’ve tried:

  • using a cloudbuild.yaml config file with a $PROJECT_ID substitution to ensure I have the correct format
  • omitting the organization name altogether, which is denied with Token exchange failed for project
  • checking my permissions – I have Cloud Build Editor and Cloud Run Invoker roles, where the former specifies that I can “create and cancel builds”

Source: StackOverflow