How to install Perl-5.8.9 on Ubuntu

I have a legacy Perl 5.8.9 project which I need to run in a docker environment. Since I new it worked on Ubuntu I tried compiling it on an Ubuntu 16.1 and

FROM ubuntu

RUN apt-get update 
    && apt-get install -y curl 
    && apt-get install -y wget 
    && apt-get install -y perlbrew

VERSION=”18.04.3 LTS (Bionic Beaver)”

since I couldn’t find the version on perlbrew, I tried compiling from perl-5.8.9.tar.bz2 which I downloaded
Compilation failed having something to do with miniperl.

Is there a ready docker image?
If not how do I install on ubuntu or preferably on alpine or another light container.

Source: StackOverflow