How often should I re-build the image, and what should I include for a website with tons of daily change?

So we've got a content management system where LOB users edit content and deploy to a few dozen different websites. Each website is dockerized. Some are Tomcat, Apache, .NET Core, etc…

Right now we bind mount an /assets directory to each container, which contains all the static content files. From a high-level, we're basically building the image with the code & config, and then content gets deployed to that mounted directory without ever rebuilding.

I'm confused as to whether this is a good practice, or if we should instead be including the content as part of the image and then rebuilding every time a content change goes in. While this would give us the ability to do roll-backs a bit easier, it seems difficult because these sites are being changed daily by multiple users so I feel like builds would be firing off like crazy.


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