How to create a new Kubernetes cluster on Docker Desktop?

I can’t seem to figure out how to create a totally new Kubernetes cluster on a Docker Desktop running instance on my computer. (It shouldn’t matter if this was a Mac or PC).

I know how to -set- the current cluster context, but I only have one cluster so I can’t set anything else.

### What's my current context pointing to?
$ kubectl config current-context

### Set the context to be "docker-for-desktop" cluster
$ kubectl config use-context docker-for-desktop
Switched to context “docker-for-desktop”

Can anyone help please?

Further questions:

  1. If I have multiple clusters, then only one of them (the currently ‘set’ one) will be running at once with the other’s stopped/sleeping?
  2. Clusters are independent from each other, so if i can muck around and play with one cluster, then this should not impact another cluster


Source: StackOverflow