Add a fallback to traefik (docker)

I’ve set up a docker-container which runs a traefix-proxy which has a configured “Weighted Round Robin”-mechanism to route the incoming http-calls to different webservers which are separated into other docker-containers. Now i’ve ensured that the requests get handled by multiple webserver-instances i would like to implement a fallback mechanism which ensures, that the application won’t be unreachable when the traefix-instance has a problem (software or even hardware).
I have to ensure, that there is no single point of failure.

I’ve already tried to build up the same idea in nginx where i’ve also was not able to configure a fallback-server.
Moreover a lot of blogs told me, that there are topics like “heart-beat”, “floating-ip” and so on, but i was not able to find out how to configure it myself.

May you have experience and can help me with this?

I’ve already runned this in a aws-cluster (loadbalancer + multiple EC2-instances but i want to setup it without cloud-service for learning purpose.

Source: StackOverflow