How to update lambda docker image with latest point release of aws-sdk

I am working with the new Aurora Serverless Data API. In order to get the code (nodejs) to run using SAM local invoke, I have to include the aws-sdk as an explicit dependency otherwise it fails with the error AWS.RDSDataService is not a constructor. This explicit dependency is not required with other lambda functions I have created nor when I upload the Data API lambda to AWS.

This leads me to believe that the version of the aws-sdk packaged with the docker container used by SAM (lambci/lambda:nodejs8.10) is before the Data API was GA.

I deleted the docker image used by SAM to force an update and am still getting the error. Also tried to get to a shell on the docker image (docker run -it 2f1c802f322f /bin/sh ) but it returned the error setns: Operation not permitted.

How can I get the aws-sdk updated on the docker image?

Source: StackOverflow