process apparently never started in /home/jenkins/workspace/[email protected]/durable-28a71889

All aver the internet I didn’t find a solution.
I’m learning this tutorial about how to build a node.js and React app with Jenkins :

During the build, I got the error

process apparently never started in
/home/jenkins/workspace/[email protected]/durable-28a71889

(running Jenkins temporarily with
might make the problem clearer)

script returned exit code -2

My Jenkinsfile looks like :

pipeline {
agent {
docker {
image 'node:6-alpine'
args '-p 3000:3000'
stages {
stage('Build') {
steps {
sh 'npm install'

Please do you know how could I correct it ? During the process, when I check, the node:6-alpine is created and running without errors.

Source: StackOverflow