Anyone with experience with jwilder/nginx-proxy? I am really new to docker.

I have three domains that I am trying to set up using ssl and I found this and think that it will do what I need. I am really lost on how to get this started though. I installed debian jessie but it upgraded to stretch. I installed nginx, ssh, docker, and mariadb. Not sure if I need those on the primary host. I would think that the nginx on the primary host would act as a proxy to the servers in the containers? Not sure though. If anyone has set this up before I would really appreciate some help or direction on what i need to do. The instructions on the site seem to bounce around and I am not sure how to even tell if I am getting this set up. I have installed web servers and hosted sites with ssl but at a loss on how to use the containers.

Edit: OK I found this walk through and I am wondering what the advantages of using docker-compose instead of just running docker?

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