Debian:jessie LSB Release, LSB core missing

I ran into a weird issue today.

I have my project containerized in docker.

I am using couch-base as a DB and I install couch-base using deb files.
as per the couch documentation and this is how my docker files looks:

And this code was running fine till today, As the lsb-relase, lsb core packages were missing the couch-base deb file installation is failing.

FROM debian:jessie-slim
RUN apt-get update --fix-missing && apt-get install -y wget bzip2 ca- 
libglib2.0-0 libxext6 libsm6 libxrender1
FROM python:3
ADD . /app
RUN apt-get -y install curl && 
apt-get -y install lsb-core && 
apt-get -y install lsb
RUN wget 
RUN dpkg -i couchbase-release-1.0-6-amd64.deb
RUN apt-get install libcouchbase-dev libcouchbase2-bin build-essential 

Tried:apt-get lsb-release,
wget deb files and dpkg

What would be my alternative to install couch-base on my container, Not able to create new builds the docker file fails at the installation of couchbase.

Thanks in Adavance

Source: StackOverflow