How to Configure spring datasource with GenericContainer that’s creating a container from a custom MySQL Docker image

I am trying to run an integration test in spring that is using the data access layer but for that i need to connect to a database for me to run the application beans for testing. some of my testing involves using the database persisted data, so that’s why i chose testContainers to run my database test using docker. The problem here is that i already have an sql image of my Own that contains populated entries that i need for testing and i don’t want to create an empty database from scratch for testing, i want to use my own image for testing. but i don’t know how i can configure my datasource for my spring boot from the docker image, cause with generic containers we don’t have a getJDBCUrl() function or anything that would help me configure. I know its easy to configure the datasource if i am directly using the Mysql image. but for this one, i want to use my image.

val databaseContainer: KGenericContainer = KGenericContainer("myOwnSqlImage:latest")
        .withEnv("MYSQL_DATABASE", "databaseNamer")
        .withEnv("MYSQL_USER", "root")
        .withEnv("MYSQL_ROOT_PASSWORD", "root-password")

Source: StackOverflow