Creating a volume in a dockerfile without a persistent volume (claim) in Kubernetes?

I have an application that I am converting into a docker container.

I am going to test some different configuration for the application regarding persisted vs non persisted storage.

E.g. in one scenario I am going to create a persisted volume and mount some data into that volume.

In another scenario I am going to test not having any persisted volume (and accept that any date generated while the container is running is gone when its stopped/restarted).

Regarding the first scenario that works fine. But when I am testing the second scenario – no persisted storage – I am not quite sure what to do on the docker side.

Basically does it make any sense do define a volume in my Dockerfile when I don’t plan to have any persisted volumes in kubernetes?

E.g. here is the end of my Dockerfile

ENTRYPOINT ["./bin/"]
VOLUME /opt/application-x/data

So does it make any sense at all to have the last line when I don’t create and kubernetes volumes?

Or to put it in another way, are there scenarios where creating a volume in a dockerfile makes sense even though no corresponding persistent volumes are created?

Source: StackOverflow