Using Docker on windows with certificates

  certificate, docker, moby, virtual-machine, windows

I have to setup Docker Desktop for Windows 18.09.2-ce to work with certificates behind a corporate proxy. Therefore, i added the proxy settings in the Docker UI menu and i added the certificates to the directory: C:/Users/[username]/.docker/certs.d/[MyRegistry:Port]

I’ve followed the instructions as described here:

But if I try to log in with Docker, I get a TLS handshake failure.
By SSHing into the MobyLinuxVM on windows I noticed that the certificates from ~/.docker/certs.d are not copied into /etc/docker/certs.d on Moby as described in the link above. Restarting Docker didn’t solve the problem either.
However, if I copy the certificates manually on the MobyLinuxVM everytime, everything works fine. But I don’t think this is a permanent solution.
Does anyone know how to solve the problem or is this a bug?

Source: StackOverflow