stopping a docker container makes processes in another container down

I run two docker containers in a server (named container_A, container_B).
I found stopping container_A sometimes makes processes down in container_B.
I think containers are independent each other.

I want to know questions below.

  • Do processes down happen only my environment?
  • Why do processes down happen?
  • How should I modify Dockerfile to avoid processes down?

Docker image is pushed docker hub.

Dockerfile, test script, log and environment infomation are uploaded github.

  • server and docker infomation.
  • process_down_test.log: log of that pull image, run containers, execute test script.
  • shell script repeats start/stop container.
  • Dockerfile: based on centos. included code of phusion/baseimage-docker.

Note that image only pulled from docker hub makes no problem. Only committed image makes the problem.

Source: StackOverflow