Alternative to RefFSContextFactory for IBM MQ + EJB to sending msg to queue

I have task to write code to get listener+receiver using JavaEE EJB 3.x+ JBoss(using Wildcat 14) + IBM MQ 9.x (MQ on my docker container). Write receiver was easy with all configuration for IBM MQ, using Message Driven Bean. And it’s works fine. I can send message from my MQ explorer in browser to my reciever deployed in JBoss. But i have problem with sender. I wanted to use for JNDI Factory but it is, in present, deprecated context(not safe etc.). People are recommending using com.sun.jndi.fscontext.RefFSContextFactory but it’s a file context. It wants url to local folder for bindings. But my program will be deployed on other computer in future so I dont’t want to using local context. Or I’m bad understanding?

Before I had task for same program but using spring boot and it was ultra easy using default spring boot context and JMSTemplate.convertandsend

Source: StackOverflow