How to see container output when using Ansible’s docker_service module with Rundeck

I have a docker-compose that deploys 4 containers, a psql db and some java app’s.I’m already using Ansible 2.7.8 with Rundeck 3.0.8 as a GUI to build those app’s and everything was fine until i tried to automate the deployment of the containers using the docker_service module that uses the already working docker-compose file:

project_src: /path/to/dir/containing/docker-compose.yml

But i cannot make it display the output from the containers that is seen when doing docker-compose up manually and i really need to be able to see the output in Rundeck (output is not seen when executing the playbook outside Rundeck either).
I’ve read that for the docker_container module the answer is to use “detached: false” but from the documentation there is no such tag for the docker_service module.Any help is appreciated, Thanks

Source: StackOverflow