Jsf with Spring Boot, Cloud, Rest, Microservices

I’m wondering if there are problems in a system with jsf using Microservices architecture deployed in a Cloud provider.

Are there implications using a technology originally developed to monolithic architecture (JEE – EJB), JSF Life Cycle, Bean Scopes?

Why Jsf

Where I’m working, all applications are deployed in the cloud, using microservices, but, some systems, have a very simple user interface, and Jsf seems to be a good option.

I think there is a good advantage using Jsf.
Jsf is practical, simple, easy, to use in simple user interfaces, for example, system for back office for corporations.

I have some coworkers that have a very strong knowledge about Jsf, I think with this they would help a lot in some systems we have urgency to delivery.


At first, my intention is to use Spring Boot, Jsf, Google Cloud, Rest services, Docker.

Source: StackOverflow