What am I missing in my volumes section?

I'm running docker on synology, and I previously used CLI to generate a flexget + qbittorrent container that ran perfectly. I wanted to migrate this setup to a docker-compose file instead to simplify stuff.

However, volumes have completely stumped me. I'm pretty sure I'm currently using a bind mount, however regardless of how I put it in the compose file it does not seem docker can mount it.

Here's an excerpt:

volumes: - docker/flexget/config:/config - downloads:/downloads - docker/resolv-google.conf:/etc/resolv.conf 

This syntax works when using CLI, however docker is trying to treat the <path to data> here as a named volume. Adding a / in front at least makes it treat it as a bind but then it can't find the data folder, I suspect it's treating it as relative. I've read through the documentation but I don't really see anything that says what I'm doing is wrong. I'm using version 2 of docker compose.

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