How to pass argument for a configuration file in JuPyterhub’s deployment?

I want to install envkey in my docker image which requires a key-value pair. I have the key-value pair with me but I am unable to figure out as to how do I install it in my docker image using those arguments and then deploy the same on jupyterhub.

I tried reading other deployments of mine which use envkey. Here is how it goes:
1. I have a Makefile and I run the command sudo make dev config=aviral.cfg
2. The dev command in the Makefile is as follows:

    docker build -t $(IMAGE) -f . && docker tag $(IMAGE) $(ALIAS)
    @echo "nCreate docker container.."
    CONFIG=$(config) IMAGE=$(IMAGE) docker-compose -f docker-compose.yml up -d --scale test=0 --scale airflow_worker=0
    @echo "n$(GREEN)Done.$(NO_COLOR)n"
    @echo "Try airflow at http://localhost:8080."
    @echo "and flower at http://localhost:5555."

  1. The docker-compose file is:
        image: ${IMAGE}:latest
        restart: always
            - airflow_scheduler
        # ports:
        #     - 8793:8793
        # environment:
            # - GOOGLE_APPLICATION_CREDENTIALS=/gcloud/cloud.json
            - ${CONFIG}
        command: worker

As you can see, the env_file is passed on.

I am unable to deduce how to do this same in the JuPyterHub.

The helm chart is here( And my config is:

  secretToken: "yada_yada"
    tag: 12h
        command: ["/bin/sh", "-c", 'ipython profile create; cd ~/.ipython/profile_default/startup; echo ''run_id = "sample" ''>']
    enabled: true
    username: aws
    email: [email protected]
    password: yada_yada

In my config file, I pass variables as:


I expect to have my configs passed in the docker, or perhaps I write a proper Makefile for this stuff, as of now, I am facing this error:

Step 19/32 : RUN     curl -s | bash
 ---> Running in 35bc1cf0e1c8
envkey-source 1.2.9 Quick Install
Copyright (c) 2019 Envkey Inc. - MIT License

Downloading envkey-source binary for linux-amd64
Downloading tarball from
envkey-source is installed in /usr/local/bin
Installation complete. Info:

bash: line 97:    29 Segmentation fault      envkey-source -h
The command '/bin/sh -c curl -s | bash' returned a non-zero code: 139

Although this question alone should be good enough to give you the picture but for the sake of context(if), here are some of the questions:
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Source: StackOverflow