how do you properly pass a command to a container when using "azure-arm-containerinstance" from azure node sdk?

just looking for some guidance on how to properly invoke a command when a container starts, when creating it via azure-arm-containerinstance package. There is very little documentation on this specific part and I wasn’t able to find any examples out there on the internet.

return client.containerGroups
                    .beginCreateOrUpdate(process.env.AZURE_RESOURCE_GROUP, containerInstanceName, {
                        tags: ['server'],
                        location: process.env.AZURE_INSTANCE_LOCATION,
                        containers: [
                                image: process.env.CONTAINER_IMAGE,
                                name: containerInstanceName,
                                command: ["./some-executable","?Type=Fall?"],
                                ports: [
                                        port: 1111,
                                        protocol: 'UDP',
                                resources: {
                                    requests: {
                                        cpu: Number(process.env.INSTANCE_CPU),
                                        memoryInGB: Number(process.env.INSTANCE_MEMORY),
                        imageRegistryCredentials: [
                                server: process.env.CONTAINER_REGISTRY_SERVER,
                                username: process.env.CONTAINER_REGISTRY_USERNAME,
                                password: process.env.CONTAINER_REGISTRY_PASSWORD,

Specifically this part below, is this correct? Just an array of strings? Are there any good examples anywhere? (tried both google and bing) Is this equivalent of docker's CMD ["command","argument"]?

```command: ["./some-executable","?Type=Fall?"],```

Source: StackOverflow