Mocha tests getting different username than passed in

So I have some mocha tests that I am trying to run on a docker postgres container. Im not entirely sure if I am connected to that container as it currently stands but by the error output of my mocha tests I would assume I am. Im running a test

Honestly Im not sure what I should try. I did try changing my_user to my_user23 but that didnt have any effect on the output what so ever

describe('tableExists', function () {
it('should be 0 before connecting', function () {

    var PostGres = new PostGresClass();
    var config = {};
    var value = PostGres.tableExists(config, 'alpharead');
    assert.equal(0, value);

it('should be not 0 after connecting', function () {
    var PostGres = new PostGresClass();
    var config = {
        user: 'my_user',
        host: 'postgres',
        database: 'my_database',
        password: 'password123',
        port: 5432,
        max: 20,
        idleTimeoutMillis: 30000,
        connectionTimeoutMillis: 2000,
    //var pool = new Pool(config);
    var value = PostGres.tableExists(config, `alpharead`);
    assert.equal(1, value);

Expected results is i dont have this issue and I get another issue so I have more direction to figure out if I still have errors.

This is the current error

 Unhandled promise rejection (rejection id: 1): error: password 
authentication failed for user "rluth"

Granted i use rluth my C:/usr/rluth but directly in the code this is not written in anywhere and the parameters I pass are my_user

How do i fix this issue

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