Is the FROM image layer included in my image

I have a Dockerfile:

FROM baseimage

RUN <do stuff>

I have a baseimage locally, but it’s not available on Docker Hub. I build myimage using Dockerfile above and push myimage to Docker Hub.

My question is: does myimage include baseimage?

Also let’s say other user pulls myimage. He does not have baseimage locally. Would he be able to pull myimage successfully and run?

The actual issue I experience is pull myimage fails for other user:

get<BASEIMAGE>: unauthorized: incorrect username or password

This is in spite of explicitly running beforehand

docker login -u <USER>
Login Succeeded
docker login<ORG>/<BASEIMAGE>/manifests/<BASEIMAGE>
Authenticating with existing credentials...
Login Succeeded

I thought for private images all layers, including baseimage would be available at myimage.

Source: StackOverflow