Docker access issues with NFS (FreeNAS) and Sonarr

So I have an NFS dataset created, a PUIDGUID 1001 created with a "dockeruserdockeruser" usergroup. I associated it with the new data share, created an NFS share, and did map all and map group to that user and group.

Mounted in /etc/fstab as nfs4 rw,hard,intr. When I am on the docker VM if I am root, or my dockeruser I can navigate in and copy files/move/etc.

Now when I go into my docker container via exec -it /bin/bash as root, when I try to create a file or do anything in there as root I get "access denied." If I go in as 1001 (dockeruser) who owns the files, everything works.

I'm using the package for sonarr and radarr and specifying a PUIDGUID. It looks like when sonarrradarr is copying files it's doing it as root (and failing) why isn't it using the PUIDGUID I set, or even if it IS using root, why is it getting permissions issues? I get the docker container probably doesn't know that it's an NFS mount, it see's the folder as a local resource, but I'm guessing it's executing the file copies as root.

Anyone had to deal with this before?

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