RabbitMQ listener in docker/microservice

I have deployed few microservice in aws ecs(via CI/CD through jenkins) Each task has its own service and task definition. Apache is running on the foreground and the docker will be deployed from its service if the apache is crashed.

My Dev team is using RabbitMQ to communicate between microservice. few microservice needs to listen to certain event in the RabbitMQ server (Rabbit is installed on a separate aws ec2 instance)

For listening to the rabbit MQ server should we run the listener as a daemon? Dev team have asked to run the following code at the time of docker deployment so that it will listen to the rabbit mq server.

php /app/public/yii queue/listen

and set a cron job so that the listener will start when it is crashed.
For my best knowledge the docker container can run only one process in the foreground, Currently apache is running in the foreground. If I try to run the daemon (both the cron and the rabbit mq listener) in the background, The docker container wont restart when any of these daemon is crashed.

Is there any safer approach for this scenario? what is the best practice for running rabbit mq listener in docker container?

Source: StackOverflow