How to run flink jar file in Mesos cluster

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I have two nodes that docker have been installed on them. Moreover, I have installed Apache Mesos on docker. First, I run this command in docker which does not show anything in result:

 /home/flink-1.7.0/bin/ -Djobmanager.heap.mb=1024 -Djobmanager.rpc.port=6123 -Drest.port=8081 -Dmesos.resourcemanager.tasks.mem=1024 -Dtaskmanager.heap.mb=1024 -Dtaskmanager.numberOfTaskSlots=2 -Dparallelism.default=2 -Dmesos.resourcemanager.tasks.cpus=1

After that I run this command to run my jar file:

/home/flink-1.7.0/bin/flink run -m /home/Flink_Cassandra_test_jar/Flink_Cassandra_test.jar

After that, I get this error:

org.apache.flink.client.deployment.ClusterRetrieveException: Couldn’t retrieve standalone cluster

By the way, I configured Zookeeper too. Also, I added this two line in Flink yaml file:

 high-availability: zookeeper

Would you please tell me how to run flink jar file on mesos cluster?

Any help would be appreciated.

Source: StackOverflow