Nodejs http reguest to json file

This is the text of my json processing module in virtual assistant.The problem is: when I specify the port, it stops working and the assistant says that he did not understand me.
How to fix it???
my knowledge of the code is not strong, you maybe need to connect another one library.
but I do not understand how to connect them, I work through docker.
help me please

constrequest = require('co-request')
const util = require('util')enter code here
const intent = () => ({
keywords: ['number qqq', 'number action qqq'],
module: 'abonent_oblgas'
function * abonent_oblgas_resp(query) {
const request = require('request');
let country_res = request("")
country_res = JSON.parse(country_res.body)
const loc_string = + ',' +
return loc_string.toLowerCase()
return{text: 'works.'}
const examples = () => (
['number 587', 'number action 144']
module.exports = {
get: abonent_oblgas_resp,

Source: StackOverflow