How to get pod start time in millisecond in kubernetes

I am trying to get the performance of the pod scheduling.

When kubectl describe pod performancetestpod. We will get something similar as shown below

Type    Reason     Age   From                       Message
  ----    ------     ----  ----                       -------
  Normal  Scheduled  21s   default-scheduler          Successfully assigned default/performancetestpod to ip-172-31-22-111
  Normal  Pulled     20s   kubelet, ip-172-31-22-111  Container image "centos:7.6.1810" already present on machine
  Normal  Created    20s   kubelet, ip-172-31-22-111  Created container
  Normal  Started    20s   kubelet, ip-172-31-22-111  Started container
  Normal  Killing    10s   kubelet, ip-172-31-22-111  Killing container with id docker://performancetestpod:Need to kill Pod

1, Is there any way to get the age in milliseconds.

2, Is there any other way to get values in milliseconds for pod start, for eg: by using prometheus etc

Source: StackOverflow