Help with Docker and Prestashop

I am extremely new when it comes to Docker and Prestashop, but I have been destroying my brains trying to understand this.

The issue is the following, I have managed to install Prestashop using Docker with the information available here, , made it operational as in localhost:8080 opens the Prestashop page and I can navigate through it.

The problem is I have to resolve a test, and sincerely I have no idea where to start. The task is the following:

We want to automate functional testing using a BDD framework with underlying webdriver layer with Docker for all the cases that you think they should be automated regarding:

‚óŹ Shopping cart process

The delivery can be in a single compressed file or in a public version control system. It should contain the docker­compose, dockerfile, and all required documentation about how to install, configure and executing the tests.

Sincerely I have no idea where to start

What is a docker-compose, docker file ?

What do they mean by required documentation on how to install, configure and execute the tests ?

Was the Prestashop installed locally on my machine ? (I could not find any folders relating to Prestashop)

Usually I run my automated tests using Jenkins and have never heard of Docker or how I can run automated tests using it.

Any help is greatly appreciated, since I have no idea how I should make this work.


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