Peer exit immediatly after starting with "fatal error: unexpected signal during runtime execution" with Fabric1.4 on Ubuntu18.04

I’m using Fabric v1.4 on Ubuntu 18.04.02LTS. I installed everything on this machine this week following the tutorials, so I got the Samples, Binaries and Docker Images of v1.4 (latest), like:

hyperledger/fabric-peer        1.4.0               304fac59b501        5 weeks ago         157MB

hyperledger/fabric-peer        latest              304fac59b501        5 weeks ago         157MB

This is my environment:

curl 7.58.0

docker 18.06.1-ce

docker-compose 1.23.2

go 1.11.5

node 11.8.0

npm 6.5.0

python 2.7.15rc1




This is what I’m doing to start the basic network (the same happens with the other networks, like byfn) and what happens:

Starting basic network

The network fails at starting because it’s impossible to reach the peer. Actually, the peer exited a few seconds after starting.

This is the peer log:

Peer0.Org1 logs

I tried to reinstall dependencies, to kill containers and networks and to remove and download images but the problem is still the same.

Source: StackOverflow