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Cannot start rails console unless spring is disabled

My rails development environment runs in Docker, and I cannot start the rails console without disabling spring using DISABLE_SPRING=true. The snipper below illustrates what happens: [email protected]:[project] $ bundle exec rails c Could not find rake-13.0.6 in any of the sources Run `bundle install` to install missing gems. [email protected]:[project] $ DISABLE_SPRING=true bundle exec rails c D, […]

By Dave Isaacs
Categorised as docker, rails-spring, ruby-on-rails Tagged , ,

Laravel database connection with XAMPP

My laravel project works with Docker using sail. Is there a way to connect with xampp phpmyadmin for database connection? Source: Docker Questions

By Villva Tharisan
Categorised as docker, laravel, laravel-8, php, xampp Tagged , , , ,

How would I update node.js inside of Docker container on Windows

I am running into a problem finding good documentation on how to update and check the version of Node that runs on my Docker container. This is just a regular container for .net 2 application. Thank you in advance. Source: Docker Questions

By Stanislav Mozolevskiy
Categorised as docker, node.js Tagged ,

Who To Design and Implement Containerize Architecture of FRONTEND(nginx & react) and BACKEND(laravel &mongo)

I’m using reactjs for frontend with Nginx load balancer and laravel for backend with MongoDB. as old architecture design, code upload to GitHub with different frontend and backend. then i deployed on server VM (iaas). I did not use DOCKER AND KUBERNETS, I want to implement it in the new Architecture design, I used a […]

By SyedAsadRazaDevops
Categorised as architecture, docker, kubernetes, nginx Tagged , , ,

How to set intellij remote debug?

I am trying to debug my app in testing environment, my app is running in pod, I said ‘pod’ because I am not familiar with Kubernetes, its manage client looks like this:app running schematic diagram. I have learn I should set idea like this idea RUN/Debug Configurations schematic diagram. And should restart and redeploy my […]

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